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Thylvian Nights

Jon – Ileana Zorgo
Brandon – Zsolt
Ian – Crina Zorgo

Set in 1791, The adventure started with the two sisters Zorgo, the surviving legitimate heirs of the Domn Zorgo in the land of Thylvia, a tiny principality in Northern Romania. They were summoned by their Grandfather, the mysterious Lord Zorgo. Their illegitimate half-brother Zsolt “the Stone” heard of their invitation and made his way to Zorgo as well, hoping to claim at least part of his inheritance and protect himself from a charge of murder.

They were assaulted by bandits on the road, although were happily rescued by the intervention of two soldiers from the village garrison. Making their way to the castle of Zorgo, Zsolt and the sisters met a cast of characters:

Ambrus, a Hungarian nobleman of refinement
Florin Vanea, a handsome but oafish Romanian boyar
Jeanette Cluny, an French Marquise on the run from the Revolution.
Dr Schweikert, a German expert in the occult
Gyorgy, the steward of Castle Zorgo, a drunken poet obsessed with finishing his epic poem on the life of Dracula
Rekha, a beautiful maidservant from the village.

Making their introductions, they schemed a little bit, fending off Florin’s attentions, entertaining the interest of Ambrus. Rekha the maid was abducted overnight and the sisters were invited to enter the tower in which their reclusive grandfather was locked, which they were only allowed to enter at midnight.

Entering the tower with Ambrus, they found two ugly hairy Derro-men and a strange pale entity known as the Pain-Eater, which was feeding off its torture of Rekha. A short combat ensued in which the Zorgo family was able to defeat the Pain-eater with Ambrus’s help, during which they found that Ambrus was some sort of strange lizard man creature.

They pieced together then that the grandfather was in fact deceased, finding his body in its funeral shroud. The Pain-Eater, with Gyorgy’s help, had been abducting village girls or foreigners and torturing them; the sisters were summoned with the same design, but the existence of this strange being had finally attracted the attention of Ambrus, Dr. Schweikert and Jeanette.

Finally, the sisters and Zsolt found a will, already signed by their grandfather, that they were able to complete— and they split the estate up three ways, with the castle and title going to Krina, with their intention of using their newfound wealth and influence to clear Zsolt’s name.


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