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Deep Magic Power

(Return to Shady Valley, Part 1)

Deep Magic Power (Return to Shady Valley, Part 1)

Roll call:
Kathy – Greg Ashland, fireman and fantasy fan.
Trevor – Chip Sandusky, teenaged lovelorn transplant from California
Bob – Kali Schmidt, Michelle’s second cousin & childhood BFF
(Gator)Todd – Tammy Baum, ex-DMP member, now a militant evangelical
Todd N – Kent Dubrovnik, apartment supervisor and trouble-magnet.

Session started with mid-list fantasy author Star Morrison gathering a crack team of civilians to rescue Michelle Schraeder from the strange degenerate cult known as Deep Magic Power. She summoned them to meet at Cafe Scholastica in NE Minneapolis and gave them the basid facts of Michelle’s disappearance into the South Minneapolis compound.


Star knew Kent & Greg from the earlier Witchcon affair (see Adventure Log #1)
Star knew Kali as she is a distant relative via Michelle’s family. (Both Star & Kali are originally from Shady Valley)
Star found Tammy Baum from her internet presence as a harsh critic and ex-cult member of DMP
Last, Chip found Star as he finally came to Mpls to hunt down Michelle, his girlfriend.

They agreed to undertake the mission from Star, who had to pay Tammy an additional $5000 for her help (though she explained with some annoyance how this would drain the town funds— but it was worth it to get their girl back.) Star also emphasized that they MUST get Michelle back to Shady Valley by Friday night because she has a 5:00 college interview for a full ride scholarship.

After this introduction, Kent left and drove to the DMP compound, trying to infiltrate the house as a gas meter man, but was rebuffed by Emma Kazdan, the cult’s administrative brain. Tammy meanwhile, noticed a reptilian looking “demon” surveying the group and told the others, much to the disbelief of the teens. The group left the coffeeshop, reconvened at the laundry next door and reunited with Kent, then removed to Kent’s to plan.

The plan was for Chip to approach the house and try to get in while they watched. Chip approached the door and was met by Everett, one of Michael’s bodyguards, who rebuffed him politely. Chip started walking around the house with his guitar and air-horn, calling out to Michelle. Distracted by this behavior, Everett followed him, leaving the door open and unguarded for Kent & Greg to approach. They were met within by Dean, the other bodyguard of Kazdan, who confronted them with a loaded shotgun.

Things happened very quickly from there: Everett pursued Chip around the house and Tammy swung the car around, driving through the back yard privacy fence, chasing them both into the alley. Kali picked up a brick and attacked Everett from behind, and eventually, they had a full-on melee before the big man backed away from her and Kali jumped in Tammy’s car.

Inside the house Dean shot Kent and wounded him, followed by Kent and Greg rushing and disarming him, now hearing some noises of the captive Michelle from the pantry. Michael Kazdan, the cult leader emerged from the basement with a gun and Greg wrestled it away from him while Greg shot Dean dead. Michelle was freed and Greg and Kent faced off with the disarmed Michael and Emma.

Originally, Kent and Greg wanted to face the police, seeing that Michelle was clearly being held against her will; however, Michelle insisted upon leaving immediately to go to Shady Valley in order to return by Friday night (just as Star had asked them). Seeing Michelle and Chip ready to light out on their own, Greg & Kent wavered in their conviction to face the police, at which point Emma and Michael cold-bloodedly dismissed Dean’s death as meaningless and offered to not press charges if they disappeared with Michelle and were never seen there again. Kent & Greg grudgingly agreed to these terms and all 5 + Michelle hopped into the car to make their way to return the girl to Shady Valley.

Note: The adventure will continue at as near a time as I can arrange. All pools will be where they were at the end of gameplay.

Greg & Kent & Chip need to make stability checks for witnessing hardcore violence (shooting and Dean’s death).

No improvement points awarded until the full end of the adventure… to any survivors.. heh.


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