Welcome to Shady Valley

Return to Shady Valley

Roll call

Kathy – Greg Ashland
Ian – Jamie Alexander
Brandon – Everett Gordon

Story begins with a wrap-up of last session’s events, with some slight revisionist history.

After the showdown in the cult house, there was an argument about whether to wait for the police or to bring the girl back to Shady Valley. Michelle, the girl in question, forced the issue by running out of the house and insisting on going to Shady Valley. Tami and Chip ran away into the neighborhood, too far from the car to dive in. Greg and Kent get to the car with Michelle and to their surprise, Everett Gordon the bodyguard jumped into the car with them!

It turns out that Gordon was sure that Michael Kazdan will kill him since he failed to keep Michelle a prisoner, so he’s escaping quickly and completely, and so became mixed up in the affair.

Just when the cops are about to track them by car, a black SUV cuts off the pursuing police car, letting our heroes make their escape.

Having suffered a shotgun blast last session, Kent is dropped off at the nearest hospital and the gang reconvene at Greg’s apartment. After a hurried consultation and a target trip for clothes, they decide to return Michelle to Shady Valley that night. During the target trip, Jamie is contacted by “Anthony December”, telling them “There are other options” before his message is cut off abruptly.

Almost at once, they notice they are being followed by a black SUV, even as the pouring rain starts. Greg tries to contact the local police but his call is cut off and replaced again by December, warning them of impending danger. The SUV is approaching faster and faster when a state trooper vehicle approaches but instead of pulling over the SUV , it pulls over Jamie’s rental. A gun battle ensues between Jamie and Gordon vs. the lizard-men in the SUV and the trooper car, Jamie driving away in a rush of steel, finally evading the pursuers but not before they reptos blow out one of their tires.

Stopping in a gas station to fix the tire, they are stunned to recognize the Derro there, manning the register. When Michelle recognizes the Derro there, they realize that the girl is somehow in cahoots with the Derro forces of Shady Valley, since she is relieved that they will save them from the reptilians. They do seem to have a respite and finally pull out onto the open road with a fixed tire, after Everett has a creepy encounter with the slack-jawed derro at the register. Michelle is very concerned about her body, her weight, eating protein bars, hoping she “can still fight”.

Almost there, the truck is the ensorceled by a team of Anunaki magi and they conjure up a nasty blood puddle in the truck, the shock and slipperiness of it finally forcing Jamie off the road, landing the SUV rental in a ditch. Shortly thereafter, the truck full of reptos comes up and the group engages in a harsh firefight, during which.

1. Everett takes out one reptilian in one shot, but is then blasted down himself.
2. Clutching at straws, trying to find some way to leverage the warnings and help of the mysterious “Anthony December”, Greg is finally able to activate his dimensional sight to encounter a barbarian who hands him a large claymore sword, telling him to deal death to the Serpent-Men.
3. Michelle is hit by a shotgun blast partially.
4. Finally Jamie and Greg fend off the remaining reptos, Greg chanting “DEATH TO LEMURIA!” as he wields the strange blade to great effect. They load Everett into the car and Michelle and she confesses that she has to get back to Shady Valley because she is fighting for the Weeper (the same cult-god from DMP) in the Tribulation of the Moon on Friday night. She’s fighting to the death and quite worried that she’s no longer fit enough, especially not while recovering.

Nonetheless, Greg, Jamie and Everett return her to her parents’ house and when she hugs Jamie goodbye she confesses that she’s carrying the Weeper’s baby. Even wounded and pregnant with the Weeper’s child, she will still go to the Tribulation on Friday… she turns down Greg’s gift of the Sword because no weapons are allowed at the Tribulation.

The three intrepid heroes go to seek out immediate medical attention, and hope to enjoy a quiet journey back away from Shady Valley forever..

2 building points each will be awarded to all three characters.


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